Published on August 9, 2013, in Fashion anyWear.

What Not to WearIn case you want a reminder or need an alert, the What Not to Wear 10th and final season premieres tonight (Aug. 9) at 10|9c on TLC.

Whether timely, too soon or already jumped the Shark Week, TV viewing fashionistas must have long felt ready to graduate from this Dress U. Many modern, individual-minded females crave tossing most rule books, including fashion’s. Others might have simply seen enough of the fabulous but eventually repetitive episodes … but I’m still such a fan of the cast, and so grateful for the inspiration that boosted my life/work enormously nearly a decade ago, that I want to revel in what is also the devolved channel’s last hurrah of quality and hazzah to learning.
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Season 10 preview:
WNTW Season 10 Mashup

[pullquote align="right"]Trends come and go, but fug springs eternal…[/pullquote]Trends in even body preference go. Rule-breaking is fun and fosters more personality for personal style. True true, but with knowledge and an abundance of mirrors and light we fashionistas can, expertly or fuckitall-y, wear what we want. We’re just aware of not only our image to others but understand how to “fix” the bugaboos to our own eyes. 

Year after year, tips were shared to many in need of life boosts, who learned why to fucking care anyway (career, romance, parenting…). How many of us, style enthusiasts or eccentrics, think to “360°” lessons when dressing or even designing our homes, and would we if not for Stacy and Clinton? For better or crazier, I love that reflective room more than other girls love diamonds.

More: Clinton gets tough {love} on duck-nail Tristen…

Tristen the Tough | What Not to Wear

Reeer! Quack! Hisssss! … How else will she listen?     {More videos}

As harsh as many will see that clip and as “Jersey” as people have the right to be, I’m toasting to the thought of occasional WNTW reunions, for the duck-bill nails equivalents of 2018, 2023, and so on. For new tacky shall not cease to be invented, and cathartic laughter helps us tolerate bewildering humanity.

Maybe we’re all effed in this modern zoo, but I know better how to flaunt that hourglass thanks to Stacy and Clinton. At least I’ve got the cute. Here’s to “now” and learning, if only about clothes*. Cheers.

{*We still have Strange Sex!}