Runway My Way ~ Personal Pick:

The R.V. mini fashion show & “hump day*” treat came in just my size personal style.

As a disabled, small-potatoed, tiny woman in a big world; I do a bit of desk chair reviewing from home.¹ Luckily, Red Valentino took “us” away; far, far away; beyond northeast U.S., to  a fairy land of grand enchantment…

It’s not all about the hustle and bustle from shows Thursday to Thursday. Some of the most enthralling fashion imagery comes from simpler collection previews (even just outside the scope of “Mercedes-Benz” shows and timeline). Plus a relaxing time can be had cooing over a lookbook.

SS14 Red Valentino

… the bitty review …

Elle, moi, on Red Valentino SS14:

[note color="#f0ede0"]

[dropcap style="2" size="3"]U[/dropcap]Useful for myriad whimsy. Equally wonderful for costume brainstorms and dressup nostalgia as for wish lists and shear inspiration … from alternatives for “peasant” wardrobe-weaving to décor for a fanciful getaway right at home.[/note]

Bottom Line, please?

Aspiration-Factor: perspiration or inspiration?

Slave away   to buy   | or |   take away   in mind ?

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The pieces seem worth the buy, but also suitable as inspiration  for “the rest of us.” One thing’s for certain with this blogger, I don’t mind an overdose of sweet. … What are your thoughts?

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[ All photos: / RedValentino - additional computer editing by HubChic ]


For more waxing “pure poetry” on fashion,
Alison Baenen gave a must-read on Brava.

[spoiler title="More / less" open="0" style="1"]*The show was reviewed Wednesday for, technically the day before NYFW’s official start. {Between Tuesday and Thursday I was going through personal issues. Although I can’t be expected to respond to news in a flash, I was actually quite delayed this week with most Internet activities. Now I’m so glad to resume posting today. :-)}

¹Edited after originally published (to reclaim context that was left on the virtual cutting-room-floor - big oopsie). Apparently I am a person who needs sleep. x-P Thus the plan is to see you Saturday! Perhaps Monday now as, after my rest, I’m a bit more like a zombie (also with dwindled groceries, ack). It’s nothing like being at Fashion Week, but I had my own little bad week, in a bad time to have it.[/spoiler]

Wording note, etc.: I had personal issues preventing me from publishing the rest of the week. I did not intend for “pick” to mean only pick so early on of course, but as days passed it proved to read oddly to me. I just wanted to write this note because of that. It’s a bummer that I couldn’t blog this week, but I’ll see you soon! :-) xx-Elle