Latest Makeup Fashion

Latest Makeup Fashion

Bride Make Up

Being a bride is the most important emotion for a girl. On the wedding day she wants everything to be just perfect. Right from her make up to jewelry to outfit to shoes, everything has to be just right. Bride make up should be decided weeks ago the wedding day so that you exactly know what would suit you the best. For a perfect bride make up the most important thing that you need to have is a flawless skin. Bride make up is all about giving you a look that is no lesser than a princess.

There are various techniques that the make up artist adopt for a perfect make up. The latest technique is the airbrush. Airbrush helps a make up artist to get the perfect make up for the bride. Skin, eyes and lips are the main areas that a make up is based on. You skin needs to be flawless, your eyes bright and well defined, and lips full with color that suit you and should look soft, supple and luscious.

Eye Shadows Make Up Ideas

Eye shadows make up can be a difficult task. Defining your eyes with an eye liner and mascara is still an easy job but applying an eye shadow without being loud or looking funny needs practice. Eye shadows are available in various textures. Powder, creams and pencils are the most common forms of eye shadows. Powders are the most widely used eye shadows and is a bit easy to use. Powder eye shadows are easy to use as you can have a good control over the quantity you apply. Creams are a bit difficult to use and are best used by the professionals. Although creams eye shadows lasts for a longer time.

On our website you will come across many eye shadow make up ideas which you can use for beautifying your eyes. Applying an eye shadow without looking loud is an art. Internet is flooded with eye shadow make up ideas. For a perfect eye shadow the first thing that you need is the right choice of colors.

Lady Gaga Make Up

Lady Gaga is very popular for her bold dressing sense. Lady Gaga make up style is very bold, glamorous and surely not for the faint hearted. Her make up style is very creative. Not only her make up is very bold but also her clothes and her hair are also extremely courageous. If you are looking for a Lady Gaga make up then you are at the right place. On this page today we are focusing on her make up style. She is a person who never fails to surprise her fans by her creative and courageous styling sense.

Even beneath the make up Lady Gaga’s skin looks flawless. Her make up style portrays a very clear and glowing skin. For a perfect make up you should have a very good skin care routine that suits your skin type. A perfect Lady Gaga make up calls in for vibrant colors and extravagant false eye lashes. Lady Gaga make up style would use smoky eyes and pink lips with pout. In a Lady Gaga make up style the focal point is the eyes and the rest of the face is kept simple.

Permanent Make Up

Permanent make up seems to be the in thing these days. These days when everybody seems to be on a time crunch permanent make up makes it way to ones schedules. Permanent make up can be done for any part of your body. Whether you want a permanent lipstick or a permanent eye liner, permanent make up is the solution for you. For people who are tired of doing and redoing their make up everyday, permanent make up comes as a fixture to their problems.

Permanent make up can solve almost any of your problems. It can give you a permanent eye liner, eye brows (very useful for people who have sparse eye brows), lip liner, scar camouflage etc. The permanent make up is very simple to get and the recovery time can range from 7 to 14 days depending upon the individual, but you can resume work the same day. The biggest advantage of a permanent make up is that there is no smearing of make up and no re applying them. The permanent make up can last for up to five years or more.

Professional Make Up

Professional make up is the make up done by the professional artist. Though you can do some amount of make at home but then there are some make up that need professional touch. There are various sites that display a step by step instruction on how to do the professional make up. There are many occasion where you can not do a simple make up and need the help of a professional make artist. Professional make up artist are trained to do your make up for different functions. There are some applications and techniques of doing a make up that only a professional make up artist can do.

In this look conscious world there is a wide scope for a professional make up artist. A professional make up artist knows how exactly how a particular make up will look on you. On our website today we are showcasing how you can apply a professional make up at home.

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