The state of feminism is weak.

Google Autocomplete - Sexism

from an awareness series by Christopher Hunt for UN women .org

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Google’s autocomplete shows feminism is far from “post.”

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When images like these recently spread online, one of my first thoughts was to try to assist change with my little rain drops of female positivity. But with just me, or just women/people purposely deploying “fake” searches, it won’t be enough.

Spreading truth definitely helps. For now I think search-monitoring the situation might be a great project for many women, feminists and bloggers … or at least me. ;-) Periodically, I’ll post updates (change or just status, etc.) hopefully with more than injected variety; hopefully with some change.

UN Women Ad series

The series for UN Women

Join if you’d like, of course I don’t mind. This is hardly my original idea. I request two small guidelines though:

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  1. Don’t hit “Enter” or (actually) search with any of the negative terms. Sometimes it’s too easy to make that type of mistake. (This could actually contaminate results in the present or future as well, which is why the original campaign/series will definitely remain queen.)
  2. Consider if entering positive search terms would help. Perhaps riding this out for a natural resolution would be best, for the sake of truth and knowledge. I’m not sure because maybe-just-maybe if douchecanoes and dudebros see fem-positivity, they may feel a teeeensy change subconsciously. I don’t know the answers; do you? Please share in a comment. :-)

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“Search” #1, from Tuesday, October 22nd:

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My actual Google search on 10/22/13 (from central Massachusetts, USA)

Google "Women need to" #1 : Oct 22 2013 (learn their place, feel loved, shut up, grow up)

… featuring my olde purple Windows theme. Gotta be me, since always. ;-)

I think I was particularly moved, bothered and inspired by… 
“shut up” and “grow up.”

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Roooaaaarrrr! … and … boy, I need some Halloween candy…

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Inspired by some of the other wording (above) I decided to throw up this search:

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women need to feel respect

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And for us to truly feel it, of course we should all give it.

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[box title="Tweet! ... #womenshould" style="glass" box_color="#83bcc4" title_color="#000000"]

UNwomen asks that we join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #womenshould. So let’s!


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Top photographs credit: Memac Ogilvy & Mather Dubai

{via} Read more at AdWeek

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Runway My Way ~ Personal Pick:

The R.V. mini fashion show & “hump day*” treat came in just my size personal style.

As a disabled, small-potatoed, tiny woman in a big world; I do a bit of desk chair reviewing from home.¹ Luckily, Red Valentino took “us” away; far, far away; beyond northeast U.S., to  a fairy land of grand enchantment…

It’s not all about the hustle and bustle from shows Thursday to Thursday. Some of the most enthralling fashion imagery comes from simpler collection previews (even just outside the scope of “Mercedes-Benz” shows and timeline). Plus a relaxing time can be had cooing over a lookbook.

SS14 Red Valentino

… the bitty review …

Elle, moi, on Red Valentino SS14:

[note color="#f0ede0"]

[dropcap style="2" size="3"]U[/dropcap]Useful for myriad whimsy. Equally wonderful for costume brainstorms and dressup nostalgia as for wish lists and shear inspiration … from alternatives for “peasant” wardrobe-weaving to décor for a fanciful getaway right at home.[/note]

Bottom Line, please?

Aspiration-Factor: perspiration or inspiration?

Slave away   to buy   | or |   take away   in mind ?

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The pieces seem worth the buy, but also suitable as inspiration  for “the rest of us.” One thing’s for certain with this blogger, I don’t mind an overdose of sweet. … What are your thoughts?

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[ All photos: / RedValentino - additional computer editing by HubChic ]


For more waxing “pure poetry” on fashion,
Alison Baenen gave a must-read on Brava.

[spoiler title="More / less" open="0" style="1"]*The show was reviewed Wednesday for, technically the day before NYFW’s official start. {Between Tuesday and Thursday I was going through personal issues. Although I can’t be expected to respond to news in a flash, I was actually quite delayed this week with most Internet activities. Now I’m so glad to resume posting today. :-)}

¹Edited after originally published (to reclaim context that was left on the virtual cutting-room-floor - big oopsie). Apparently I am a person who needs sleep. x-P Thus the plan is to see you Saturday! Perhaps Monday now as, after my rest, I’m a bit more like a zombie (also with dwindled groceries, ack). It’s nothing like being at Fashion Week, but I had my own little bad week, in a bad time to have it.[/spoiler]

Wording note, etc.: I had personal issues preventing me from publishing the rest of the week. I did not intend for “pick” to mean only pick so early on of course, but as days passed it proved to read oddly to me. I just wanted to write this note because of that. It’s a bummer that I couldn’t blog this week, but I’ll see you soon! :-) xx-Elle


(: <3 Link Love!! <3 :)

[Outfits and collages are a mix from this and last summer.]

  1.   Wee Arrow Diag Up R My Love of Style brought us 3 breezy looks that remain current today.
  2.   Wee Arrow Diag Up R My Fashion Inspiration proved so, by providing a pick I deemed great for Labor Day 2013 from a general outfit post.
  3.   Wee Arrow Diag Up R Beyond the Aisle offered indulgence in citrus by the sea. Too yum.
  4. Link Love - Labor Day  Wee Arrow Diag Up R Two-fer! Style for the Seasons…  showcased a series of white (and lime, ooh thirsty now): One part, and another.
  5.  Wee Arrow Diag Up R Style Me Thrifty’s blogger worked hard to incorporate great imagery with a casual outfit somewhat hinting at fall.
  6.   Wee Arrow Diag Up R Once in a Blue Room laid out travel wear and wares, with winter white (for summer, sweet) and anyday wine.
  7.   Wee Arrow Diag Up R Piloting Life outfitted a gorgeous spread of enticing, wearable items and color.

Imagery from respective blogs above. ♥

New: Now at hubChic, you can share pictures in comments. Share your outfits, Polyvore images, etc. Also, I welcome your feedback!


Plato's Closet Dedham Ma Opening

I just learned Plato’s Closet is coming back to Mass! It’s a good big-bargain, preworn clothing store I’d actually visited in South Florida. From my experience, the style aim is largely junior’s / trendy youthful, and prices are highly discounted both for buyers and sellers. There’s no consigning though, instead P.C. offers immediate cash that can be ready for you after browsing the racks. Oh, how genius, right? {And great if you only have twenty dollars in your pocket.}

[pullquote align="right"]“At Plato’s Closet, we buy and sell gently used clothes, shoes and accessories… We have all the hottest name brands and styles that you see at the malls at up to 70% less than the mall prices. We look for brands such as american eagle, forever 21, express, abercrombie & fitch, hollister, lucky [sic] and many many more.”[/pullquote]Technically, the new Dedham location is semi-open now, for the store to buy from the public; not for shopping exactly. According to Trendy Bostonian, though, current sellers can preview the fashions. Fun, fun!

There are several open locations elsewhere in New EnglandVermont has one and the rest are in Connecticut (although since CT has tax on clothing – I say phooey). Plus Maine will have one soon. I’m thinking the Dedham shop will still be my store when I move more southwest (still in ma home state of Mass). {Bonus: it’s five minutes from Legacy Place, yes!}

Anywear: For the rest of North America, here are easy-peasy maps.

I’ll still be living close by at and after doors open to shoppers, and I look forward to bargain hunting!

Hey … Ya wanna go thrift shopping?

Schedule it: Tuesday, September 3rd.

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Locate Plato’s Closet in Dedham: (more…)

Published on August 19, 2013, in My Outfits.

Welcome to my first wicked shoppable style post!

Shop Pal - clothes contents - shoppable style post

[ shop pal feature blow ]

Actually, also my favorite self-photo session yet, though I wasn’t able to post it before. Since then, I have gotten a little rusty but I know I don’t need 360 days of  blinding sun (like back in Florida) to get better and better. ;-)

In this shoot I’d just started finding success in self-photograhy, e.g., I now know walking shots are good. (Well, duh, me.) I’m still learning, forgetting lessons, having ups and downs and letting life get in the way, but I’m moving forward too. I started incorporating quick video into my routine, but we must wait for any “showing” as I am quite rusty with that editing.

For now, so much to enjoy right here…

I Wore these Pretty Things:

Psst: our “like” buttons are in Beta. Like the fashion item? Try it out! ↓
As long as the feature works well, we plan to add more-per-post soon. Yes, we’d *like* your feedback!

{psst; shop below the gallery}

Where might the Wares be?

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Shades: →
{my old} Kate Spade 
{shop current collection}[spacer size="5"]

Blazer: →
Express {browse eBay}

Bag: →
Coach “Book Tote”
{browse eBay}

shopping helper for shoppable style post

Jewelry… Wee Arrow Diag L Earrings:
Simple “gold” hoops
{similar: low, less low}

Necklace & Bracelet:
Loftinfo{necklace has pink ribbon I added} {similar bracelet}
{similar necklace}

Wee Arrow Diag L Shoes:
Self Esteem {similar}
@  RossinfoInfodiscount store in some of the US (does sell some clothing with issues) {locations}

Shop more of “the look:”

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[box title="Visual Shop" color="#999"]
Shoulders BlazerLace Blazer Ikat Ruffle Flats Kate Spade Round Shades Mixed Bracelet

↑ back up to view gallery ↑

Worn When: Sunrise, FL – Winter 2010? | Worn While: working at home }
{ Equipment: beloved Kodak V-Series (w/ timer) & collapsible tripod }

Lessons (of the story):

  • Don’t ignore jacket fit. {so unlike me}
  • Don’t worry about pants-1/2-size-big crotch. I live yet!
  • Do move, walk, live (even in photos) and see what stances work best.
  • Don’t give up. Some of us surely live in communities with a lot of private property and potential mad neighbors, but, even for someone like I am who is medically unable to drive elsewhere, if we keep at it we can learn to make it work.

What do you think of my new outfit post format? It will pop up amidst the regular content, as this is more of a fashion blog. There’s also much involved before I even sit at the computer, but I’d like to work my way toward more frequent dressup sessions complete with photography and a bit more makeup. (I like to keep it “real,” but only to a point!)

I do have another post near-ready that will be published in this oomphed format, plus have been experimenting with smaller shoppable style spreads, sans my face and bod. For now, don’t forget to check out a gallery of some old ensembles, and if it gives you any questions, ask away. :-) XOXO


Stank-assiest, a technical term? It is now! … Why so harsh? Ah, we have 10 points to back up dat ass-smell up. Thank you, muchly!

But first, the background story on the new mag, Bustle, for those who need it…

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{ Press release on pandodaily }

In a nutshell:

[box title="Twitter commentary" color="#6d9eac"]


And now the top ten most sickening (i.e., smelliest) aspects of this launch:

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[tabs style="1"]
[tab title="fast tab slides: 10 - 8"]

10.10. Wait, does this sound familiar?

Bryan’s brazen ignorance of the many other publications by and for women, with – shock!!! – varying topics?!?!?!!! Oh, wow, he’d heard of three websites. But not 20-year veteran of print and web, Bust. Ouch, my milk glands ache.

9. Did you know the web was for men, ‘til now of course?

“Politico, Bleacher Report, TechCrunch, Business Insider, Mashable, Grantland, TheVerge, Break, College Humor, IGN, Thrillist, and Gawker.”


8. Talking down to your target audience is always included in a great marketing plan.

[quote style="1"]“My job, as CEO, is to hire the right people. … Knowing the difference between mascara, concealer, and eye-liner is not my job.”[/quote]

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What about the promised politics and thoughtful writing? Just don’t have a view enough blocked by Falsie-style mascara? Aw, don’t hate us ‘cause we’re beautiful. *bat bat bat*

[box title="Twitter highlight" color="#6d9eac"]

[tab title="7 - 5"]

7. Bryan’s attitude of instant, ball-fueled success is so mature.

I already made a buttload of money and you ain’t doin’ that! Neener, neener, neenerrrr!! Your ladyads don’t even pull in the dough dude ads do … but mine, oh man, they will … BECAUSE! … Secret!! Ha!

6. is a bit of a two-fer. This awesomesauce Valleywag article wonderfully illustrates much wrong smelliness. Here are two points all bam in your face:

[quote style="1"]Something beautiful happened [Tuesday]: an otherwise fractious internet was drawn together in harmony, united in mutual contempt for a new website called Bustle. Bustle is the spawn of asinine media mastermind Bryan Goldberg—creator of the dudebro sports-spam boiler room Bleacher Report—who reached new depths explaining his amazing, unprecedented brainstorm: a website… for girls![/quote]

[spacer size="15"]

More blammy bam faceyness, aka bold for emphasis, mine.

Yes, that’s two. Women are already reading such sites, but moreover, and infuriatingly, we’ve been creating them (and their apparently horrendous offline counterparts) for decades. Silly us … somehow? Not enough mixing topics? Not enough big-butt love? Again, just not enough moolah?

Yes, that last one might be it. Ouch. Silly, silly … wait, who’s to blame now?

5. What’s this fuckery about “the next generation of women?”

[quote style="1"]“We’re different, because we recognize how many diverse interests are shared amongst the next generation of women.  And, more importantly, we are pulling it into one place.”[/quote]

[spacer size="15"]

Forget the “current” generation of women, and reaally fuck old broads?

[tab title="4 - 2"]

4. No judgements, they promise.

[quote style="1"]“No judgments. In fact, we don’t even use the term ‘guilty pleasures,’ because there is no topic that someone should feel ashamed to write about.”[/quote]

[spacer size="10"]

NO “guilty pleasure” wording here. Only implicitly letting us know that we’re awful if we like reality tv and politics. Just some silent “dafuq, ladies?”

And, really, no topic is worth shame in promoting? How about celebrity’s kids’ bedwetting? And is mascara less shameful?

3. One of the firms providing funding was Google. Yes, financially. Google Ventures is a portion of the conglomerate that apparently funds websites. Oh, I mean “startups.” Uh-huh. … Do they expect returns?? This is a conflict of interest, no?

I made this :-P2. The name, again, having already mentioned BustYes. 

The name Bustle might have not been bad were it simply a cute, fashion or double-meaning, name from the mind of a fellow woman. Sorry, but I’m not.

This particular man already proved not worthy to fucking tell us what we “need.”

Did this dude’s wet dream of being the Internet’s savior for women include this  “B” name, which refers to an antiquated fashion accessory meant to enhance lady curves? Some cloth to embiggen the butt?

Is it really so “feminist,” and the other patronizing descriptions he gave? … Nnnno. Doesn’t seem so with that brain fart of a name.

New name: Butt Cloth Magazine  {go forth, ye “birds” and tweet #buttclothmagazine #stankassbustle will also do}

Because fuck you, too, Bryan.
[tab title="and 1"]

Bryan Goldberg

Women, please love me!

1. Capital is a boy’s club.

“If you don’t think that there’s a bias in [women-led] ventures getting VC funding, then you’re being willfully blind. It’s documented, ad nauseam that women only receive 4.2% of VC funding in the US. … When sites like Bustle get $6.5 million in funding from multiple VCs, it is a glaring statement that as long as the same old same old exists in VCs, then the same old same old shit will get funded.” —Karen Schulman Dupuis, on

P.U. Where’s my barf bag?

[pullquote align="right"]Did this dude’s wet dream of being the Internet’s savior for women include this “B” name … Some cloth to embiggen the butt?
[↑ from tab slide ↑][/pullquote][navigate "slide" ↑]

In closing, I want to send sympathies to the innocent byliners actually “penning” the work at Bustle. Degrees from top colleges, according to Bryan, then struggling to find work like the rest of us, and now thrown the loop of “your boss is a butt-douche.”

I’d like to do so with these eloquent words from Bitch Magazine, below, because they’re that awesome…

[quote style="1"]Perhaps it’s not fair to throw the innocent, well-meaning baby out with the venture capital-scented bathwater. But let’s also acknowledge that Bustle is doing literally nothing that other websites—feminist or not—haven’t been doing for years, and if Goldberg’s focus is on sustaining his current level of venture capital and hoped-for advertising revenue, it’s not going to be breaking any new ground. The female writers and editors that Goldberg hired for this venture probably don’t deserve whatever heat is now on them thanks to their boss’s utterly boneheaded dealings with the public thus far. But seriously: This guy is a douche.[/quote]